Garmin DC50—the Latest in Tracking & Training Collars from Garmin

Garmin Astro 320 and DC50Now Available from Double U Hunting Supply!

Garmin is well known to hunters and hound lovers around the world for the quality and features it builds into its dog collars and its hound-tracking and training systems. The new DC50 tracking and training collar just released by Garmin is the latest addition to the company’s impressive stable of hound-management tools. Like the DC40 collar, it’s designed to work with Garmin’s Astro 320 tracking system, but the DC50 vaults ahead in performance by adding bark-detection and training functions, improved satellite coverage, better battery management, and a longer, more durable antenna.

Buddy Woodberry on the DC50 Collar
“Garmin’s DC50 is finally on the market,” says Double U’s Buddy Woodberry, “and from what we’ve seen, we’re really excited about what it can do. In our field tests, it way out-performed both the old DC30 and DC40 collars. The DC50 is GLONASS-enabled so users can connect with more satellites than before, and it comes with a 21”, braided-steel antenna that’s effective for up to 9 miles; that’s 30% more range than the DC40.

“Plus, it’s got bark-detection, which the DC40 doesn’t have, and it’s waterproof to more than 30 feet,” says Buddy. “We think our customers will be really impressed with the DC50 and the new capabilities it will give them.”

In addition to bark detection, the DC50 has taken a giant leap forward in locating ability by adding the GLONASS system of satellites to the GPS satellites we commonly use. According to Buddy, “This will give users 21 more earth-orbiting satellites for the DC50 to find, which really improves the odds of being able to locate and track their dogs accurately, even in heavy tree cover or deep canyons.”

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Finally, says Buddy, “We think it’s great that Garmin has added bark detection to the DC50 collar. Now you can tell if your dogs are barking even if they’re not close enough for you to hear. Until you can catch up with them, this really helps you understand what’s going on with your hounds and the game they’re working.”
Sold by itself, the DC50 comes with an adjustable 1” blue polyurethane collar strap; when sold in a bundle with the Astro 320, the DC50 comes with an adjustable 1” orange strap. And don’t forget: when your collar straps finally get worn out, you can buy replacements in multiple colors from Double U Hunting Supply.
Bottom line?
Garmin’s DC50 collar is very competitively priced, yet it’s the first in a new generation of tracking and training collars that are more versatile and powerful than the DC40 and DC30. GLONASS-enabled and boasting built-in bark-detection, a more sensitive antenna, battery-saving rescue mode, and much more effective waterproofing, the DC50 is your best choice in hound tracking and training collars today.

Visit us at Double U Hunting Supply to research or order Garmin’s new DC50 or the Astro 320 tracking and training system—or just ask questions about the many other Garmin products and hunting supplies we sell. You can reach us on the phone at 855-DU Hunts (855-384-8687), or via email at

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