Welcome to Big Game Houndsmen Online!

Big Game Houndsmen is a site dedicated to hunting big game with hounds. Whether you run your hounds on Mt Lions, Bobcats, Bears, Wild Boars, and even Coons, you’ll find plenty of resources on the site.

Big Game Houndsmen forum is the largest Online Hound website for big game hunting with dogs on the internet. On the forum you’ll find many experienced hounds men that share their stories about their hunts as well as share their advice to the “Rookies” of hound hunting.

Feel free to register on the forum and begin sharing your hunt stories with other fellow hounds men.




In June of 2007, I took ownership of the BigGameHoundsmen.com and launched a new forum on the Big Game Houndsmen site. The forum is slowly evolving and will grow larger as time goes by. Look for new and exciting changes to come to the site in the future.






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