2015 National Hound Association Summit

Hound_Fund-02Double U Hunting Supply is dedicated to help protect Hound Hunting Rights  across the USA.   The DU Hound Fund will host a National Hound Association Summit March 21st 2015 at the WBHA annual banquet.   The objective for this meeting among leaders from across the US, will be to discuss and plan alignment and work together with the goal to create a group and organization nationally which would be represented by the leadership of associations and groups across the nation.

The attached flyer has been presented to Clubs and Associations that Double U has been working with over the years to fight and protect Hound Hunting Rights across the US.


Dogs_Logo_StoneIf you know or feel that there is an association in the US that would like to be included in this invitation We encourage their leadership to contact Double U hunting supply for more details.


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