new draft bear management plan

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new draft bear management plan

Postby Emily » Sat Jan 18, 2014 8:42 pm

The DEC has posted its draft for the new 10 year bear management plan (as of 1/16/14) here: ... ft2014.pdf

it makes some remarks about limiting bear population growth and increasing opportunities for hunters, but nothing specific about hound hunters, and it also advocates allowing bears of any age, even those less than a year old, to be taken. Please speak up and voice your opinions.

instructions for commenting can be found here:

deadline is Feb. 21

My own opinion is that this is the year to pass legislation permitting hound hunting on bears, but I don't like the idea of encouraging people to kill cubs. Cubs have angry mamas, and nothing will turn the public against us faster than pictures a hunters with dead cubs, or mama bears attacking hounds. I don't know of any other native species where the taking of immature indigenous animals is encouraged by a wildlife management agency. Something smells wrong here. JMO others are welcome to express their views.

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