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14 Responses to Kennels / Breeders

  1. ALFRED OWEN says:

    Hello hunters;As i look at diffrent breeders of today i find it very hard to get the old style hounds.Hounds of today are breed for show hunting and not producing meat.I worked as a guide for 15 years running black bear.I know live in western nc where the bear are limited.Finding a good breeder that has a proven line of hound is impossible.Where tracks are far and few you must have some nose,then speed ,guts and treeing ability.Coon dog blood does not cut it.The heart to catch big game is almost gone in hounds.There is plenty out there that are hot nosed and if you put 15 on the ground they muster up enough gut to catch.One good hound is all it takes.I ran 4 hounds when i guided.A fire killed all my stock and to find replacement i cannot.Im not interested in slow dogs,or raising 5 litters to find 4 dogs.Papers dont tree bear dogs tree bear.There are a few good hounds around but no one can repoduce them that i;ve seen.I need tall speedy hounds with guts that are calm natured and the litter comes the same way every time.Im not interested in raising 10 pups to find 1 good pup.If there is any one out there than can show me in the woods what i want i;ll come to see it.If you have added new blood in over the last ten years dont wast my time.If your breeding hog dogs dont wast my time you do not have the nose.Yes i like good trail dogs that move a 2 day track.Hot noes is ok if you have alot of bear to hunt over.Im not color blind.Alot of blue dogs have it all but are slower that Christmas.Not trying to piss any one off here but the breeding is not up to par know days.When and if i find what im looking for i;ll be the first to let it be know thanks{}

  2. Yelloyote says:

    The ultimate hound is what you describe and we all want that but if you want it and all of what you described here shows you are a houndsman that really knows his stuff then you should find it.I can’t help you but i know where you’re coming from.We hunt coyote and a 3 hr old track in some of the dogs is asking too much but you need certain conditions as we all know.I watched a bluetick taken off a track 1 night and put back on the next day.Sorry i couldn’t help you but i’d like to think what you’re looking for is still being bred.Running hounds seem to have lost their nose

  3. papa1 says:


  4. COOTER says:

    I agree good dogs are hard to find but good dogs have always been hard to find and hard driving, tough dogs is why years ago I added the Trigg blood. They have not always suited me 100% but they all had the drive and toughness of the running dog. Just one old mans opinion….cooter

    • blackswamp says:

      I agree with you I like the finley river top and bottom bred hounds I had a really nice pair of finley river hounds when i was little.

  5. blackswamp says:

    do you guys know where a finished black and tan or treeing walker coon hound is,I’m in need of one to train my pup most pups never get finished if you do not have a older dog to train the pup.

  6. kat1961 says:

    I have Blue Tick puppies for sale that have Grand Nite Championship bloodlines heavy in them. Bred in the south where we take coon hunting seriously. If you are interested call us at 509-779-4175. We live in NE Washington.

  7. Hazel Hill Blueticks says:

    I found it a few years back, these Blueticks from My Wife’s Grandpa’s line suit me well. I looked for 20 years hunting different breeds and blood lines. They are hard driving, drive with their heads up on a hot or cold track and are hard treed dogs. Good luck with your search.

  8. Mike McLeod says:

    as i posted im moving to colorado looking to still coon hunt some, but plan to get into cat hunting. my fav breeds are redbones and walkers.any advice on lines to consider for big game? i dont agree lines that excell in coon hunting may just not cut it in the big game world

  9. CoonBaumer says:

    Anybody know of some kennels in CA?

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