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Forum Updates

Postby Buddyw » Mon Oct 21, 2013 1:11 pm

I've had a lot of things on this site that I've been wanting to update. Slowly I'm going to start working on them one by one.

One of the issues that I never got quite right when I split the Classifieds was the listings on the Right Hand side of the Forum were always showing the oldest posts first so they would never change unless I went in and Deleted them.

This is finally fixed so that now when you look on the Right side of the forum, you will see the latest classified ads. which is allot more useful

These are not the ads placed in the Forum, These are ads that are placed In the Newly built Classified area. (It is different than the forum) (Not working Right now but will be fixed Very soon!)

PS. Looks like I have an issue with the Place ad page that I will get fixed hopefully today.


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