Best Yote Hound

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not color blind
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Best Yote Hound

Postby not color blind » Fri May 22, 2009 12:24 am

Tell us about the best yote hound you've seen, yours our someone elses. Breed, track style, mouth, and on the catch.
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Re: Best Yote Hound

Postby Hipshooter » Fri May 29, 2009 12:52 am

I coyote hunted fof 40 years.
I hunted nights in the summer & days in the winter.
I liked the July dogs, but I had running walkers also.
The best dog I ever had was a july walker cross
He was snow white in color.
We were hunting one day, & my friend has this 8 month old
pup, He was doing everything the old dogs were doing & more too
He impressed me so much, I had to see if he was for sale.
Yep they said $ 300.00 to much at the time for a young dog.
But I shelled out 3 Franklin`s & then owned a white pup.
He turned out to be the best dog I ever owned in 40 years.
He could find a coyote when other dogs could not & he did not need any help.
He could not kill a coyote, but he would not let one run off after caught.
His daddy could kill a coyote by himself, only running dog I ever seen do it.
I took him to the Kansas state field trial in 1998
Was over 100 dogs there & was on the outside, not in a pen.
His name was Andy & he had never been to a trial before.
I was only going to stay one day, it was a 3 day trial.
After they posted the results the 1st day, Andy was the high point dog.
All my friends wanted me to stay the next day, so I slept in my pickup as all the motels were full.
Second day andy was still high point dog.
So I slept in the puckup again.
After the 3rd day he was still high point dog.
He got 4 trophys for his efforts.
I kind of got the field trial fever after that.
I had a young female that was doing good
so I run her in field trial, she got second
Then another trial was coming up soon so I was getting the female in shape
I was hunting by my self one monday night, trial was that next weekend.
I had 4 dogs, Andy, the female,, another young female & a female Plott that
was a good coyote dog.
They run a coyote all night long, I never moved the pickup, they would go out of hearing then come right back in a few min.
About 4:00 I fell asleep, never woke up till 6:00
I heard no dogs so I got the tracker out
and started looking , found the 2 young females, they were about 1/4 mile from road
They would not come to me, as this was very unusal after a long race, It was
kind of swampy where they were so I left them to see if I could find the plott & Andy.
I went back to cast & plott was there.
I never ever got a beep on my tracker on andy & the 2 females were gone also.
I went to town & eat breakfast & went back, still no beeps.
I hunted every day for several days & never ever found them.
I think some one loaded them & left the country.
This is the story of my best hound ever.
I hope Andy is in dog heaven, doing what he did best.
Dan Edwards
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Re: Best Yote Hound

Postby Dan Edwards » Fri May 29, 2009 5:57 pm


First of all, we have a lot in common. I am sure you dont want to admit that but trust me, I know what I am sayin.

Secondly, you are not allowed to tell stories like that again for two reasons. The first reason is, I want Andy. The second reason is, you about got me choked up.

Lets just say I have spent a many a night by myself sittin on my tailgate and or sleepin in the cab. I really dont even know why I do it. Mabye its that feeling I get when they are all loaded back up and I am drivin home with that fresh morning air blowin in my pickup window.

Last but not least. The fact that your story only had 4 dogs in it speaks volumes about you sir.
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Re: Best Yote Hound

Postby livetohunt » Fri May 29, 2009 6:17 pm

Hipshooter that sounds like that once in a life time dog. I dont run coyote I just hunt Bear,Coon and Cat with mine. But its sure sounds like fun. I think these poeple that take dogs are scum, bottom feeders. Its sad but I see on here and the other sites more and more dogs getting taken. We all need to keep an eye out for this all over the country and I can tell you this if I find you steeling one of mine or one of the guys I hunt with you will be left there for bait. We need to push the laws that help us fight guys that pick up your dogs and remove collars. Weather they are steeling them or removing the collars and then letting them run. To me this is the same as if someone were to abduct one of my children they should be shot on the spot.
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Re: Best Yote Hound

Postby ctec19 » Wed Mar 23, 2011 5:29 am


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