Garmin 220 repair question?

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Garmin 220 repair question?

Postby Balsam » Sun Aug 26, 2012 12:13 pm

This question is a little hard to explain but here buddy and I bought our 220's in early 2009. From out of the box and both using the roof antenna, range was about 1/2 mile. In some ideal location, on a elevation, across a lake etc, 3/4 mile.

Then early this year his started to drop collars, got to where he couldn't pick any up beyound 50 yds. After contacting Garmin, we figured his may have been damaged because of his mobile radio is putting out around 50 watts, and atennas were to close, only about 2 ft.

So he sent it in for repair, recieved a repalcement back, and moved his antennas so their seperated by 7 ft. We also did the download update to both units and collars, along with changing too the longer collar antennas.

With his replacement 220, he can now consistantly track 1 1/2 miles, and at times 2 miles. Mine still at the out of box range of 1/2 mile. So for a test to check if it was my antenna, we switched 220's between the two trucks. Same results, his 220 in my truck great range, mine in his truck, 1/2 mile.

So I called Garmin and wanted to know if they have improved the preformance of the 220's since 2009, and made the changes to the units that are sent in for repair? The only answer I got from her was..'send it in with $150 and we will check it over and send it or a replacement back.

Not that I don't want to spend the money and get the much better range if I send it in if that would be the case, or was the one my buddy got back just a fluke for some reason and if I send mine in it will be no better than what I have now.

Again, mine has improved alittle with the download and longer collar antenna's, but has been basicly the same range from day one. My truck radio is only 25 watt, and I have always had about 5 ft seperation from the two antennas, so pretty sure it hasn't been damaged from the mobile radio.

So after all that...does anyone know if Garmin made improvements to the 220's since 2009, to get better range etc. and incoporates new components into any sent in? Has anyone gotten much improved range from one they sent in for repair, comapaired to what it was, as new out of the box? The gal at Garmin would or could not answer it for me. This is northern Wi terrain, wooded etc,

Thanks in advance to all for any replys and info.
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Re: Garmin 220 repair question?

Postby Buddyw » Sun Aug 26, 2012 1:42 pm

Yes they did some Changes in 2010.

One of the changes was to the Case that holds the connector in place so it doesn't spin. I think there were some other changes also in the components for some of the VHF issues that were happening.

Some of the 220 just track much different distances , One unit will get great range while the next get's significantly lower range.


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