how would you figure this out?

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brian j cerelli
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how would you figure this out?

Postby brian j cerelli » Fri May 04, 2012 12:13 pm

so our hunting party has got alot more collars/gps over the last year, and we need to figure out who/how to track the dogs with the least interferences. i have 7 collars, and a 220 and a 320, my partner has 6 collars and a 220, one other guy has 5 collars and a 220, and last guy has 6 collars and 2- 220's, so whats the best way to set all the id #'s up to get the least problems?

6 gps's- 24 collars.
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Re: how would you figure this out?

Postby bearbain » Sun May 06, 2012 1:37 pm

You will get interference. The things you can do to minimize: 1) update all collars and handheld units, 2) have one person go load each collar to its corresponding unit, 3) write the communication # that you use down as you load each collar, 4) don't re-use any communication #, 5) use 30 second updates (a close signal will be less likely to cause an interference), 6) turn all of the units on together, 7) try an unused communication # for one of each pair of interfering collars. If you have different antennas, use the smallest antenna that will allow you to pick up your collars during the hunt.
You could tell a couple of your buddies that your dogs are better than theirs -that would shrink the group down. :agmnt Joking aside, good luck!
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Re: how would you figure this out?

Postby Hounder- » Mon May 07, 2012 1:21 am

Get really good at changing ID numbers (which is in the "menu" option on the dog collar page and you need the collar nearby for it to work best, aka 10 yards max).

It is not too often that a gang of hunters is running 10 dogs at one time so theoretically you should be able to track all dogs at all times if you are good at deleting collars/entering in new ones. Just remember if you make a collar a number 10 ID it doesn't have to stay 10 for the rest of its life, you can change it quite easily each hunt.

The main thing to remember is be SURE no one puts out the exact same ID number. Someone can put out a 7 and someone else a 37. You can't track both, but at least they won't interfere. However, if two guys put out 7s or 37s than you run into trouble.

Maybe this is all stuff you know, but it is how I adapt through our crew and the growing number of GPS'.

OR like bearbain said, piss of the rest of your crew and start hunting by yourself :lol:

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