Depredation work

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Depredation work

Postby Rossco » Wed Jun 12, 2019 3:14 am

For those of you that have done depredation work on pigs, how did you charge? The job I have is in orchards, the pigs are somewhat docile. I plan on just shooting them for a while, then using dogs, and then once they are knocked back and not actually living in the orchards using traps at the entrances to the orchards. The people told me I can keep track of my hours and they will pay me that way, or if I wanted to do it different they would work with me. I am just wanting to make sure it is fair on both ends, they are very good people
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Re: Depredation work

Postby perk » Thu Jun 13, 2019 9:14 pm

I know a couple people who do nusiance trapping who have a base fee for their work, like setting traps, then charge X amount per animal removed from property. Don’t know If it’s fair but that’s how they charge.
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Re: Depredation work

Postby macedonia mule man » Fri Jun 14, 2019 9:30 am

If you are trying to run a business, it’s like everything else, set down and figure the complete overhead cost then add about a 10% for surprises that you will have from time to time. Equipment wears out. Then add your profit. That’s the only way to make a living in any kind of business. Don’t be afraid you are too high, never saw a man go out because he was too high. Saw several go out because of operating to cheap. If it’s a side line, don’t charge anything, word will get around and you will always have a place to hunt.

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