Garmin ALPHA 100 Dog Tracking System.

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A few Improvements with the Garmin Alpha 100 Compared to the Garmin Astro

  • Rescue Mode. – Automatically Lowers the update rate after the collar battery reaches a certain Level.  (Suggested to Garmin by Yours Truely)
  • Preloaded with 100K topo Maps
  • Track up to 20 Dogs
  • Improved Battery Life
  • Track other Garmin Alpha Handhelds
  • Connect your Garmin Alpha to a computer for Live Laptop tracking with Basecamp.
  • Radius Alerts-   Recieve an audio Alerts when a dog Leaves a radius that you choose
  • GEO Fence – Setup a area to define where you want to keep your dog inside, or if you want to be alerted when they enter a “forbiden” area. Great for Private property hunts where you dog might not know where he is or isn’t allow to hunt.


Introducing the Alpha 100

Tracking other Alpha 100 Handhelds.

Change Your update Rate

TT10 Collar video


What’s in the Box:

You can purchase the Alpha 100 in a bundle or as a stand alone receiver.

Alpha Bundle
GPS Track and Train System

  • Alpha 100 handheld
  • Rechargeable user-replaceable Li-ion pack
  • Belt clip
  • Extended range antenna
  • TT™ 10 dog device with orange collar strap
  • Charge clip
  • AC adapter
  • Vehicle power cable
  • Split adapter cable
  • USB cable
  • Short and long contact point set with wrench and non-stim plug
  • Durable field bag
  • Manuals

Alpha 100
GPS Track and Train Handheld

  • Alpha 100 handheld
  • Rechargeable user-replaceable Li-ion pack
  • Belt clip
  • Extended range antenna
  • AC adapter
  • Vehicle power cable
  • USB cable
  • Split adapter cable

TT 10
GPS Track and Train Dog Device
Garmin Alpha Dog Collar

  • TT 10 dog device with black collar strap
  • Charge clip
  • AC adapter
  • Vehicle power cable
  • User-replaceable contact points set (short and long) with wrench and non-stim plug

Track and Train 20 Dogs. From the compass screen, get in-depth speed, direction traveling and distance away information for any dogs you’ve selected. And correct any dog on this screen without falsely correcting the others.

At-A-Glance Dog Stats. Get the information you always need, like your dog’s state (moving or on-point/treed), distance from the Alpha device, total distance traveled, speed and update rate, all on 1 screen.

Keep ‘em Away From Hazard. Don’t wait till your dog is lost or in danger to get him back. Setup virtual boundaries on your map and receive an alert if he strays out of your geofence so you can recall him right away.

Your Own Birds Eye View. Track and train up to 3 dogs based on where they are with BirdsEye Satellite Imagery. These highly-detailed raster maps provide a realistic bird’s eye view of roads, parking areas, buildings, and terrain, including tree lines, lakes, rivers and streams. They are a great way to supplement the comprehensive topographic maps on your Alpha.

Keep Your Dogs On Track. From the training screen, correct and recall multiple dogs (with extra TT 10 devices) with the help of Tri-Tronics electronic training. Select traditional or linear progression plus tone or stimulation types.

Keep Up With Your Buddies. Know where other hunters in your group are. Set your Alpha to show not only the dogs in your group, but also the other Alpha handhelds too (Up to 20 TT 10 or Alpha units. Not compatible with Astro).

Professional Tracker. Professional Trainer.

  • Glove-friendly 3” color touchscreen
  • Preloaded 100K U.S. TOPO maps
  • Electronic compass
  • Barometric altimeter
  • Hunter-to-hunter position reporting with preset messaging capability
  • Waterproof (IPX7) design
  • Rechargeable, user-replaceable Li-ion battery pack





PO maps you’ll always know your surroundings. alpha

Track Your Dogs

Using the Alpha 100, you can measure each dog’s speed, distance and the direction being traveled. Plus, you can receive notifications when a dog is “Treed” or “On Point.” A single Alpha 100 can track up to 20 dogs or fellow hunters when using either additional Alpha 100 handhelds or TT 10 devices (each sold separately, not compatible with Astro®).

Train and Control Your Dogs

Alpha 100 helps you train and control them to stop chasing unwanted game or “recall” to your position. Easy to access training buttons allow you to communicate separately to each dog through safe and effective features, including 18 levels of momentary and 18 levels of continuous stimulation or an audible tone command. Plus, a lockout setting is available to avoid accidental stimulation or tone.


Two modes of level progression let you customize your training even further. Traditional stimulation allows you to make quick changes within a predetermined stimulation level (low, medium or high). Whereas linear stimulation allows progressively more stimulation through all 18 levels available.

Extend Your Battery

When using the TT 10, hunters can switch to Rescue Mode to prolong the battery life. When the TT 10 reaches a certain battery level, it will slow down the update rate at which it pings the Alpha 100 from every 2.5 seconds to every 2 minutes. This mode should provide additional battery life to the TT 10, giving you more time to search for and locate your dog.


Physical & Performance:

Unit dimensions, WxHxD: 2.5″ x 6.5″ x1.5” (6.4 x 16.5 x 3.8 cm)
Display size, WxH: 1.5″ x 2.6″ (3.8 x 6.3 cm); 3″ diag (7.6 cm)
Display resolution, WxH: 200 x 400 pixels
Display type: transflective, 65-K color TFT touchscreen
Weight: 8.8 oz (250 g) with standard antenna and battery
Battery: rechargeable lithium-ion (included)
Battery life: up to 20 hours (Alpha 100)
Waterproof: yes (IPX7)
Floats: no
High-sensitivity receiver: yes
Interface: USB

Maps & Memory:

Basemap: yes
Preloaded maps: yes (topographic)
Ability to add maps: yes
Built-in memory: 4.0 GB, 500 MB available for user storage (with topo maps loaded)
Accepts data cards: microSD™ card (not included)
Waypoints/favorites/locations: 4000
Routes: 200
Track log: 10,000 points, 200 saved tracks

Features & Benefits:

Automatic routing (turn by turn routing on roads): yes (with optional mapping for detailed roads)
Electronic compass: yes (tilt-compensated, 3-axis)
Touchscreen: yes
Barometric altimeter: yes
Camera: no
Geocaching-friendly: yes (paperless)
Custom maps compatible: yes
Photo navigation (navigate to geotagged photos): yes
Outdoor GPS games: no
Hunt/fish calendar: yes
Sun and moon information: yes
Tide tables: yes
Area calculation: yes
Custom POIs (ability to add additional points of interest): yes
Unit-to-unit transfer (shares data wirelessly with similar units): yes
Picture viewer: no
Garmin Connect™ compatible (online community where you analyze, categorize and share data): yes
Additional: Range: up to 9 miles line of sightFrequency band: MURS (not compatible with Astro)Tracks up to 20 dogs (TT10) and buddies (Alpha 100) simultaneously
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10 Responses to Garmin ALPHA 100 Dog Tracking System.

  1. dereel208 says:

    How did they get 20 channels out of this system. Is it not the VHF band. something different??? I looked at the trackin and training codes and they are very long. No help there. I see the collar ID is put up with a number dash another number! ex..2-6 so just wondering what the new numbering id system is?????

    • Buddyw says:

      This is still the MURS Band radio the same as the Astro. The difference is they are able to send the signal quicker so that they are able to get twice as many collars to report back in the same time.

      They Did the New ID numbers so that they would not be confused with Astro collars. Basically the Alpha doesn’t not work with the Astro.

      My understanding is the Training codes For the ALPHA are to keep down the interference and protect the dogs from being tracked and stop unwanted corrections since it has a Training Collar built in.

  2. dereel208 says:

    just so I’m understanding whats the new collar number difference gonna be, the old system was 2 digits what numbers are we keying on now? are you still able to manually change your collars number to prevent interference or does it just give u a random number to track. I see that the alpha has a dog “Info Release” button that must be hit to allow someelse to track your dog. I looked at most of the vids for the Alpha 100 yesterday and while its a very cool system and being someone who has 4 collars (ID collar, shocking collar, telementry, and GPS collar) on his dogs as all times I like the idea of combining the tracking and the training collar, this system not being compabable to the Astro is gonna be tough sell for guys. If there old system is working and u just dumped a bunch of money to upgrade to the GPS system, now spend even more for a none compatiable version! ???

    • Buddyw says:

      With the Astro you shouldn’t think of the numbers as a Number 21.. Think of the number as two separate digits, For example 2 and 1. The First Digit of the Astro is the Frequency, the second is the channel. So ID number 11 is actually Frequency 1 channel 1.

      Now fast forward to the Garmin ALPHA, You have twenty different Channels (Double the collars), but still 5 frequency’s. Instead of having 119, (which would be Frequency 1 Channel 19) it was best that they did it differently than the ASTRO so not to confuse anyone. So you will see 1-19. Which means Frequency 1 Channel 19.

      It would appear that the First 10 channels could be used the same however that is not the Case, The Two Units use a different Method (or Language) so that they don’t mess each other up while hunting. If some one was hunting with the Astro Collar while you used an Alpha collar, it would confuse the situation. So Garmin had to do something so the folks were able to use an Astro next to an Alpha without causing a bunch of problems.

      In order to track more dogs, The way Garmin did it was is to send the data Twice as fast as the Previous Garmin Astro system, This way they could track twice as many dogs. Unfortunately when they do it this way there is no way to Track the slower ASTRO collars since they are not using the faster setting.

      It is a bit more complicated than this, because of the Training Portion of the System, however It could take quite a bit of Discussion and reasons for the fact that the alpha is not compatible.

      In the end, once you fully understand the technical problems, The Choice for Garmin was Either Not Build a New system, or Build a new system that was not compatible. This allows you your choice, If you want compatible you’ll have to stick with the ASTRO. If you want the Expanded version, and can accept the Non Compatibility then you’ll move to the Alpha.

      It is Hard to understand and see the benefits without looking at the Technical side of things, However in the Long Run, and in the Big Picture this was the right choice for Garmin to do. In fact is was one of the only choices that Garmin had to expand and grow the Dog Tracking line.

  3. dereel208 says:

    Thanks buddy, just trying to get my head around the new system. I appreciate u taking the time to explain!

  4. Buddyw says:

    No problem, Call anytime it’s hard sometimes to type out and explain it all. I’ve been messing around with one I’ll have some reports on it shortly. 855-384-8687

  5. jcathunter says:

    How are the maps compared to the maps available for the astro? I’ve got a really good Oregon map on my 220. Can I put that map on the Alpha? Bit the bullet and ordered a 3 dog system from you today.

    • Buddyw says:

      Thanks the Maps will work on it just fine.

      I was playing around some on it and playing with the Live tracking on the Laptop. The more I mess with it I think I’m going to like it. I’ll be posting some of my reviews shortly.


  6. plottncedarnutz says:

    Buddy, how will the alpha do when using fm radios. Our hunting group as well as a handful of other guys I hunt near have all had problems with the fm signal from our trucks and handheld radios frying the gps. Garmin will not cover these for repair. Causing us to pay for brand new units as well as using old school radio collars due to lack of trusting the gps.

    • Buddyw says:

      The Alpha and the newer Astro units should be more protetected from the RF burning them up. Nothing is garanteed however I’ve been able to do some testing and I’ve used 50W on a frequency near the alpha and 320 and have not had any damage yet. -Buddy

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